Like in “Chasing Amy”.

There’s this scene, where Silent Bob finally talks. Tells a tale about a woman he was once involved with. He elicited her previous sexual history. Hell, that’s part of every relationship. Any way it goes, it sucks. Either she was wilder than you or tamer but you feel uptight nonetheless. Guys are bad with this. We want to feel macho yet miniscule at the same time. We want to be your man, but we also want to regale you with tales of our Lionel train sets, sports stars of yore, we want the ability to be little boys, and if you’ve fucked more people than we have we feel inadequate and can’t reveal our softer side and there you have the death of a relationship. We make up an excuse and break up with you. Because we can’t tolerate the conflicted feelings inside. Then we spend our whole lives chasing Amy.

That’s the girl Silent Bob let get away.

Every guy’s got an Amy. It may not even be a woman. But a job, a situation he fucked up because he was immature. He wants another chance. He’s haunted by Amy. He goes to sleep with Amy on his mind. What if he hadn’t been such a hothead, what if he’d played it differently? But there aren’t any do-overs in life. And what’s gone is usually gone for good. But you end up with a story, which you whip out with your buddies, when it’s late at night and you’ve had a few and you let your guard down.

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