The Good, the Bad and the Supermodels.


Kate Moss is cool, reigning supreme on her 30TH (!!!) cover for Vogue, she still looks amazing. She may have got a bit ragged over the years, (Pete can’t have helped), but she still reins supreme, and as long as she remains enigmatic (she always loses the allure when she opens her mouth,) she will forever remain one of the most iconic supermodels. Added to the fact that her and Johnny Depp were the most beautiful couple EVER, Kate rules. Espesh in light of Naomi’s recent less than flattering coverage. 

DOWN: Naomi

So news coverage this week has been dominated by, none other than, um NAOMI CAMPBELL. No stranger to court cases, (but this was her most demure looking appearance), Naomi was one of the key witnesses in the Charles Taylor’s war crime trial. The current ‘beef’ with her ex-agent Carol White has only added fuel to the fire. Despite Taylor’s alleged heinous war crimes, Naomi remained pissed off throughout her ‘ordeal,’ because it was ‘a huge inconvenience to her.’ Obvs, cos a Supermodel’s schedule comes before a hugely important war crimes trial.

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