#GoogleWave works for this guy exactly as #Google intended.

What has Google Wave done for me?

  • My stress level is way lower
  • Conversations are now organised in topics, and no longer flat
  • Fights have become more constructive
  • Working across multiple time zones is no longer a problem
  • I can share screenshots, design documents with multiple and different people with ease
  • I have a single control panel to manage all my conversation with everyone I am working with
  • Before Google Wave, I felt like I was working very much and getting very little done. After google wave, I feel I am doing little work, but I am making more and more money every month
  • I feel in control of my business – with my iPhone I can access the heart of my business anytime and anywhere

This is probably how google wave should work. But the poorly executed invite-only system completely killed off the network effect that would’ve made this useful for me.

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