New level of awesome. PastryKit (sort of) works on #Android

Enter PastryKit. As Daring Fireball explains, this combination of JavaScript, CSS, and some supporting graphics resources was created and used by Apple to make the latest version of the iPhone User Guide. When accessed from mobile Safari, a special iPhone-formated version loads up, which perfectly mimics native application look and feel. It does so by explicitly limiting the view to an iPhone screen-sized rectangle, hiding the mobile Safari toolbar, and allowing for the creation of fixed-position toolbars. All input is then intercepted by JavaScript functions, which then handle scrolling in a manner that is as close to native as anyone has yet to manage.

I am loading the Apple User Guides now on my ADP1 with the Dolphin Browser. As long as you set the user agent to “Iphone”, it will work.

Well — sorta.

Everything displays and all the links work. But it never seems to finish loading. I guess some of the javascript bits are throwing the Android javascript interpreter into a loop. Also, I set the default to “Large Fonts” for my browser. This seems to skew the layout on all the pages.

But the cool part is that: It works!!

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